Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Don't water it down (Advice to Apologists, Part 7)

water Do not attempt to water Christianity down. There must be no pretence that you can have it with the Supernatural left
out. So far as I can see Christianity is precisely the one religion from which the miraculous cannot be separated. You must frankly argue for supernaturalism from the very outset.

C.S. Lewis, "Christian Apologetics" (1945) included in God in the Dock (Eerdmans, 1970) 99..

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  1. That is precisely what society (including liberal Christians) want to do. Water down the word of God until it's miracle's are looked at as nothing more than myth's or cut them out of the Bible altogether as Thomas Jefferson did. It's a slippery slope when so called Christians don't believe in the supernatural power of Jesus. Read "More Than a Carpenter" by Josh McDowell if you need some reinforcement in your Christian walk. Like Lewis said, get your arguement out there from the very start and don't put up with liberalism. Apologetics makes sense. For those who dare check out Ravi Zacharias. For some reason I can only as Anonymous. gary