Friday, January 7, 2011

The Gospels were not written to make Christians

Jesus (as portrayed by Jim Caviezel) - pencil drawing by K Hinson This excerpt from The Screwtape Letters may be written in the voice of the demon Screwtape, but it sure sounds like C.S. Lewis.

Indeed materials for a full biography [of Jesus] have been withheld from men. The earliest converts were converted by a single historical fact (the Resurrection) and a single theological doctrine (the Redemption) operating on a sense of sin which they already had... The ‘Gospels’ come later and were written not to make Christians but to edify Christians already made.

CS Lewis, The Screwtape Letters (originally 1942; this edition: Harper Collins, 1996) 126.

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  1. There isn't much evidence that Gospels were written in the Second Century, Large number of scholars still sick stubbornly to the belief that they are First century production.